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It is my belief that the Tarot can offer valuable information to guide you in your life path. I connect “energetically” to you spiritually, and then I use several “spreads” of the Tarot Cards, for you to decipher the best choices on your Spiritual path.


Reiki is a 2,500 year old natural system of energy healing, based on Eastern techniques that encompass the Mind-Body-spirit connection. Energy healing connects you to your higher self, and the Divine.


Private reading parties are a great way to celebrate any occasion or just an afternoon/evening of fun. The host receives a FREE 30 minute reading. Guest cost and minimum party size will vary based on party location. Contact Dawn for details.


Using a technique that combines guided imagery, visualization, and Clinical Hypnosis, I will help guide you into a relaxed state. Where you have a opportunity to connect, and experience many of your past lives.

Meet Dawn Casseday


Dawn is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, a Certified Reiki Master, "Hands-on" Energy Healer and Universal Lightworker. She works with the Tarot Clairvoyantly to help people with their walk on the Earth Plane. She assists people in understanding their Souls Purpose and Karmic lessons.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is Dawn's ultimate passion and she uses this gift to pierce the Parallel Vibration to "touch-in" with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Loved Ones who have crossed over. Dawn gives guidance and direction in all areas of life. In her readings, Dawn is a conduit for the light of Divine Spirit.

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