Meet Dawn Casseday

Dawn is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, a Certified Reiki Master, “Hands-on” Energy Healer and Universal Lightworker. She works with the Tarot Clairvoyantly to help people with their walk on the Earth Plane. She assists people in understanding their Souls Purpose and Karmic lessons.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is Dawn’s ultimate passion and she uses this gift to pierce the Parallel Vibration to “touch-in” with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Loved Ones who have crossed over. Dawn gives guidance and direction in all areas of life. In her readings, Dawn is a conduit for the light of Divine Spirit.

After a near death experience as a very young age, Dawn has had the natural sense of “knowing” all her life. Dawn has continued to develop her keen sense of Clairvoyance. Using this ability, Dawn assists in guiding others in their own path.

You will find Dawn leading Native American Drumming Circles, Medicine Wheels and Sweat Lodges as well as many other Native American rituals.

Dawn is also a teaching professional, certified through the I Am (International Association of Metaphysics) and conducts many classes on a variety of subjects.

Dawn is a Past Life Regression specialist and offers Past Life Regressions. Dawn is an astute Pet Psychic and available to read animals (pets do not have to be present).

Dawn is available for public speaking engagements, seminars and television interviews similar to the one below. Dawn continues to travel throughout the world, sharing the Divine Light of Spirit with those she meets. She maintains a private practice of Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Mediumship and Healing Work in Florida.

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