Past Life Regression Sessions

Using a technique that combines guided imagery, visualization, and Clinical Hypnosis, I will help guide you into a relaxed state. Where you have a opportunity to connect, and experience many of your past lives. Many have experienced strong emotional@ physical validation of past lives through these sessions. It is my belief that there can be great healing, and much usefulness of Past life knowledge. I feel It can release many phoebia’s, health issue’s, promote Spiritual growth, and understanding of self, and much more on many level’s.

The Past Life Regression Experience: Each Reader / Spiritual advisor experience that you have will be different. I can only speak for myself. I combine several techniques when doing a Past Life Regression. I use guided imagery, Clinical Hypnosis, a relaxation technique, I also use my natural Spiritual gift’s of Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and Clairaudience (clear hearing). I actually “go” into the journey of going backwards to Past childhood memories, then, to the womb, then backward in time, to your past lives. Each person usually experiences thing’s differently. These session’s are recorded. It is approximately a 2.5 hour session. You will be in a reclining, comfortable position. I usually “wrap” client in a blanket, as this usually gives a strong, comforting feeling. These session’s are one-on- one. In my opinion, the energy merges ,and becomes muddled if more than one person is present in the room. These PLR’S are done in the morning, as the energy is the strongest. Some client’s experience several Past Lives in a session. You can do several session’s over a long stretch of time. Please contact me to schedule. The cost for the Past Life Regression session is $185.00 (2.5 hr. session).