When doing a “reading”, I combine several aspects of my Natural Spiritual gifts to individualize the Reading to each person’s needs. The combination may include;

My gift of mediumship (touching in with someone who has passed). I will ask those in the “Spirit Realm” to communicate evidential facts that will validate the continuity of life after the physical world.

To understand this better, think of the process of two phones. The telephone in the ‘Spirit Realm” has a dial; the receiver here in the physical world is only a receiver, without a dial. I can only receive the communication that the ‘Spirit Realm” is willing to send at that time. I cannot “guarantee” that they will come through in your reading. It may be very helpful to think about the person, or people in “Spirit Realm” before your reading. This could possibly make the connection much stronger.

My gifts as a psychic intuitive. I will connect with you “energetically”, by working with your Aura, which contains information about you, your past, present, and future. It is my Spirit Body connecting with your Spirit Body. You may receive guidance psychically that could assist you in making decisions in your life. You always have Free Will to make choices based upon the guidance you receive. Nothing is ever “Set in Stone”.

Tarot Reading – I have studied the aspects of the Tarot (cards) for several decades. It is my belief that the Tarot can offer valuable information to guide you in your life path. I connect “energetically” to you spiritually, and then I use several “spreads” of the Tarot Cards, for you to decipher the best choices on your Spiritual path. Tarot can guide you strongly in many ways, such as career, relationships, money, etc.

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