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During my journey in this life, I have been blessed to be able to meet many people. On this page, I would like to share feedback from some of those I have met.


God Bless You

Hi Dawn!
This is Debra whom you met last week. My guide called me Wounded Deer. My friend Cheryl and I had a fun and weird trip back. We ended up not spending too much time in St Augustine. I am experiencing a horrid headache for the past couple days, but hope this will pass soon... Anyway, I really enjoyed our meeting, you are a very beautiful spirit. Cheryl told me you had asked her when she was going to the drumming circle and another friend of mine, Denise has been wanting me to start one. I just don't know if I am the one to start this or if the Native American Indians (especially AIM) would have a fit since, as far as I know, I have no Indian in my genealogy. I started to give all the other reasons but I guess those would work out if it is to be, like the where and all. Denise and I are discussing the possibility of a Celtic circle but I am not as knowledgeable about their beliefs. Last night I think I got a name, Singing Spheres. Well, we will see. Hope your friend Gail is better and you are doing wonderful. I am not the greatest at keeping up with my emails anymore but will try.

Debra October 8, 2013

Thanks again so much

I just wanted to let you know how awesome I felt your reading for me was. I have had plenty of readings over the years from actually some pretty famous psychics. I have never been emotional during a reading and as soon as we started talking I felt so right about you doing this reading and my emotions really let go. I felt a release after it was over and cried about 5 minutes non-stop-not because of anything you told me, but because I felt emotions needed to come out. That is so unlike me. Anyway, I will be calling you in the future and thanks for sharing your gift with others. I have purchased my white candles and am already lighting them and asking for guidance.

Keely October 8, 2013

Thank you again

Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to thank you for your reading on Saturday. Even though it was alot of what I already am going thru and some of the future things I fear the most, somehow I feel a little bit calmer about what is to come. I also am finding hope in some of the possibilities you told me about that they work out the way I am praying for. I believe you truly have a gift and I thank you for all your honesty. Keep praying for us...we still need it.....wish us "luck" too...we also need that!!

Gayle October 8, 2013

Thank you for validating so many unanswered questions

Dear Dawn,
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed meeting with you for my Past Life Regression and Tarot card Reading on Mother's Day. When you told me that I had lived here during an earlier life as a healer of some sort, it was all I could do to refrain from telling you that I am presently a nurse who has always collected antique mortal and pestle sets. Why? Because as long as I can remember, I have always felt connected to the past. Then, you told me how I had lived in this far away tropical island. Again, working as a healer of some sort. Perhaps that is the reason why I traveled to/from Hawaii as a travel nurse for about 3 years. I couldn't get enough of the islands. From the first time I arrived on the islands, I felt as if I knew my way around. Interestingly, I never got lost..... Then you shared your vision of me standing in front of the people at town square in a much ealier life. It appeared as if I was about to hanged. By and far, this vision was the most profound for two-fold reasons.

1. I have always believed the birthmarks on our bodies are an indication of how we died in a previous life.

2. Although I am not afraid of dying, I do fear death by suffocation. I do not find it coincidental that I have a very large birthmark on the back of my neck. I now know my fear of suffocation is based upon a previous life experience.

Nonetheless, in all the years that I have visited with various medium's in different parts of the US; I have to say, your reading was by far the most informative and accurate. Thank you for a most joyous and memorable Mother's Day. More importantly, thank you for validating so many unanswered questions.

Debi S. October 8, 2013


I just had to tell you that when my sister came to see you not too long ago, you told her that my husband and I would be chosen to adopt a baby in June and that my grandmother had congratulated me on my new baby girl. Well around 7:00 p.m. on June 30, 2005, I was about to tell my sister you were wrong, when we got the call that we were chosen. Guess what else, it's a girl! :~) You are truly amazing. Perhaps I'll have to come visit you soon

Michelle October 8, 2013

Peace and Blessings

I had a pleasure to have you do my reading few weeks ago. I was so emotional to hear that my older sister, at the time was only 16 years old and my dad, who were killed by the communists came through in your vision. Lately, I am drawn to Energy Healing as I am struggling with depression and anxiety attack. I plan to move to Charlotte and before that stopping by Cassadaga for few weeks.

Can you tell me anyone school or anyone could teach me how to gain the ability to heal myself and others and perhaps open up my psychic channel to be able to read others? Also, can you read someone else (i.e. my friend) thru me? I have a very dear friend who is very sick and would like to know her future.
Please advise.

Jonathan October 8, 2013

Is it possible to do a reading over the phone? I live in New Orleans and have a lot going on. I really would love to know how my situation will turn out. I have heard from a friend of mine about you. She let me hear her reading that had been taped. I have witnessed her's come true before ever hearing what you had said. I have normally been skeptical about things of this matter but you were right on the dollar. I would love to have you help me to know what to at least expect.

Dara C. October 8, 2013

Sincerest regards

Dear Dawn,
First of all, let me tell you how huge of changes were in both our hearts after having met with you on the 18th. The peace we both feel now is just unbelievable. We have hashed and rehashed what you shared with us and can't get over how on the target you were. You truly did see into our spirits and it was amazing.

You said that you would see if you were able to help Jim cross over because he was "stuck" where he committed suicide and that we should contact you to see if you were successful with that. Getting ready for the holidays slowed down me contacting you as well as getting blown out of the water by finding out what secrets my daughter was keeping from me. (That was one of your statements that left me thinking you were completely off track. Well you weren't off track at all. Yikes.) I understand that during the holiday season you are probably busy but we both look forward to knowing how that situation with Jim went.

Mitch and I plan on coming to visit you again as soon as we can. Thanks once again for the peace you gave us both, but especially for the peace you gave Mitch. Losing his Mary took so much of him and I can't say thank you enough for helping him to find those parts of himself and his spirit again. Take care and we look forward to hearing from you.

Brenda & Mitch October 8, 2013

Love and light

Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome reading you gave me last week. I am looking forward to the unfoldings of 2006, whatever they may be. Seems to have started pretty good!

My friend, Ava, thanks you for removing that spirit in the house. She said she hasn't felt/seen it since I saw you and her boyfriend has been different since then as well. I also gave her some chrysocolla pieces to put in the bedroom and I think that has helped. I saw some of the changes while I was there. He almost sounded like my boss, who went from sounding like a wild-man to a gentler, happier, funnier guy.

Can't wait to be out there again for a visit. Hopefully, it's when you have a moon circle. Stay in touch!

Stephanie October 8, 2013

You are great

I was wondering if you do Sat. readings. My daughter and I came to you in June and you were so on the mark with everything we want to come back with another friend in Feb. . I was in financial trouble and you said I would be financially secure in Dec I thought right, well I could not believe it. I received almost $6000 in Dec. You are great.. If you do I would like to make reservations, since we are coming from Pompano Beach we would come up on a Fri night and get in to see you on Sat. Please let me know. Hopefully the answer is yes.

Pat H October 8, 2013

Thank you again

Dear Dawn,
I just wanted to tell you that I passed the Florida Bar Exam!! I appreciated your kindness to me last September when I came into Universal all distraught over failing the July exam. You comforted me when you told me that I would love my score the next time I took the exam in February. I saw you again last October with my friend Melinda who also passed !!! Now the next big thing is for me to find a job.

Avie 🙂 October 8, 2013

Love ya

Hi Dawn,
Just an up-date for you. Skip and I are getting married on April 30th right after the morning service at church. He designed my engagement ring in the shape of a cross. The wedding band will slide right under it. Trying to clean out my house now and get it ready to sell. He is such a changed man. I know we will be very happy together. Thank you for all the good advice over the past year. My patience really did pay off. I will keep in touch.

Marlene October 8, 2013

Thank you for your God given talents

Dear Dawn,
First Nancy and I want to say what a pleasure it was to meet you. All that Don has said about you is certainly true and considering what a sceptic I am that is a compliment.Of course you know that about me anyway. Nancy was taken back by your accuracy,she really felt like you were like an old friend and has grown and learned from the experience.As for myself I feel you touched on some subjects and felt the healing.By the way I think the railroad refers to a dear old friend we called Cappy who always wore a railroad cap. Thank you for your God given talents!

Pete and Nancy October 8, 2013

Best regards and God Bless you

Dear Reverend Cassadey,
I had a reading from you (I have the tape) in (I think) the Spring of last year and I want you to know that everything is working out exactly as you predicted. That is even when I tried my best to push things along on my own. This was quite a lesson of fate and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. You are truly gifted and I would like others to know. I have moved to North Carolina and have a house just as you described. While I am not connected with anyone yet, there appears to be a friendship, etc. that likely will fall into place as you predicted in June for the very reasons you mentioned in the reading.

Wes October 8, 2013

Take Care

God has truly blessed you. My husband and I came to you together and felt an overwhelming peace as we walked away. Several issues had become major, life altering events and we were overwhelmed and had even discussed divorce. (we were letting the outside effect our marriage harmony) This was my first reading and the first cards I pulled were home (our house had not sold and it was really strapping us) and Justice (I am the one who could not afford an attorney and my ex keeps taking me into court....) I walked into that mediation 2 weeks later with such belief and conviction in myself and I owe that to your words of encouracement and belief. They did not think I knew what I was talking about but with your words "stick to your guns" I rose above the situation. The words "Snake in the grass" you used I have heard 6 more times about my ex since we spoke. I am just letting you know your love, light and encouragement gave me the will to rise through the BULL and Rick and I are breezing through the outside challenges to reproclaim our love. . . .

I cannot wait for the future and all its gifts Thank you for your time and sharing your gifts We will return soon.

Deanna October 8, 2013


Hi Dawn,
Happy Monday -

I have a question - I have gone to you several times for readings which by the way were wonderful and you were right on - but my question is ... do you do past life regression readings? If so how much do they cost? How long of a time do you offer per person and do you prefer to do so in a group or one on one?

Ok that is all - Thank you so much for your kind and loving way that you do your readings - You are truly a blessed person! I always feel such peace and love after being with you.

Stacy O:) October 8, 2013

I will come back in a couple of months and bring some friends

Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to let you know a few items that were correct but not known at the time of my reading yesterday.

You said my father was having trouble when he was seeing. Well, I spoke to my father yesterday and when he was in the car accident, both lens of his eyeglasses popped out so you were correct, he is having trouble seeing because he doesn’t have his glasses.

Also, I was thinking of my mother with socks on and remembered that she used to wear cute socks that matched her outfit but always with sneakers.

Other things you saw also made me feel better. Knowing Preston realized that he caused me a lot of pain and that he was sorry gave me a sense of calm. Maybe he and my mother will be looking out for me from the other side.

I will come back in a couple of months and bring some friends. Thanks again.

Penny October 8, 2013

You are a miracle worker

Rev. Dawn,
I just wanted to thank you for my reading with RYAN.It has brought a bit of peace.I still hurt a lot. But I know with RYANS love it will get better.

In my reading I forgot to ask you "where did RYAN cross over to? Were you talking to him from HEAVEN?

I also wanted to let you know YOU & RYAN saved his brothers life...

When you were giving me my reading you said RYAN was mad at his brother Punkie. That he was "going down a wrong path & using chemicals". You also said you felt that he was "stealing & burglarizing." What you dont know about Punkie is that he has attempted suicide twice when RYAN was alive. When I told RYANs mom everything I asked her not to tell Punkie or RYAN's dad.I just didnt want anyone upset @ me or RYAN. I was worried about even telling her! Anyways to make a long story short after a few days she did tell the boys.Punkie FREAKED cried for a long time & then confessed. That the day after RYANs Birthday (3/19) he was going to attempt suicide again... Punkie is a low grade drug user he is also bipolar and is medicated 4 it .The passed suicides were O.D.ing on his meds. Now his mom & dad regulate them for him. Well, as you can understand his parents minds are kinda all over the place. Punkie has been STEALING & HORDING his meds.

That same day his mother told him everything, he confessed his plan and handed over his meds. Punkie promised RYAN sooo many times NEVER AGIAN.

So wow! do you have goose bumps right now? When RYANs mom told me I broke down. Well Thank You a million times over. You are a miracle worker.

Alisha October 8, 2013

One Love

Dear Dawn,
Thanks for seeing Mel and me on Saturday. I know it was a long day for you because I work 14 hour days. Both Mel & I separately picked you out of all the psychics listed at Cassagada. I had the sixth sense that you were the one. I will tell you that I will be making a list of questions for the next time and also am very interested in regression. I will tell you now that I read a lot of metaphysical and have all of Carlos Castaneda, Lynn Andrews, Dan Milborn, Brian Weiss, George Anderson, etc. However I did not want you to know any of my information of course.

I woke up this morning with the information on the 3rd dog who said it was an outside dog. I thought it was my childhood/teenage/college dog named "Tag". The infomation sent to me this morning was the dog was "Pogo". She was a dog I originally found when I was running 6 miles each day. The 1st time I saw her she came out and ran with me and I had to make her go back to the boat ramp/beach I had just passed. I thought she belonged to someone there. That was a Saturday. On Sunday when I was running the same route as every day, I saw her out in the pasture with the cows eating grass. This was next to the beach. She was skin and bones I now realized. After coming home from church (I was an Elder in the church then), I drove over to the pasture. She was still there, so I called her and she came to me. She was a wonderful dog and always jumped high, hence the name "Pogo". After I divorced my 1st wife, she stayed with her and finally passed to the other side. At first she was an outside or garage dog, then finally a house dog. She was a "mixed" bred and one of the best and loving companions anyone could ask to be with. Im sure she came to me this morning to jog my memory. Thanks again for everything. I really feel connected to you. I think you could tell that I am a very emotional and loving/hugging/kissing person. Actually, I was pretty much a "hard ass" until TaeKwonDo. For some reason, maybe one with the self, I became very emotional.

Well, we did stop in Orlando and have a Korean dinner. I look forward to seeing you again. If you want to reply, please send it to Mel's email, as mine is a little screwed up at this time and I am working on fixing my Netscape email.

Larry & Mel October 8, 2013

Love and Light

Hi Dawn,
I hope this finds you well. I so enjoyed your reading at the fair. I am the woman that was adopted and has a son that plays with his friends in a past life, drives a train, and astral travels in his sleep. I hope that jogs your memory. I took a picture while there, well a lot of pics and got a lot of orbs but one photo stumps me. It looks like a man with a horse and an orb. I am going to attatch it to this. Please let me know what you think. This picture was taken in complete darkness and lightened with adobe photo shop. Interesting anyway. Also one other pic taken in darkness looks as though something was bursting through the atmosphere. Let me know what you thinl if possible... Thank you so much for your time. Kim and I are talking about coming back to see you in the very near future so I am sure you will be hearing from us soon.

Dawn October 8, 2013

Many Blessings

Hi Rev. Dawn,
I just had to let you know that you were right on the money about the pain in my hip. I went to the doctor this morning --the x-rays look good, but have either bursitis or tendonitis and am now on anti-inflammatory pills. He also said my bones look good and strong, so no osteoperosis. I get worried since my mom had a severe case. I also watched The Secret the other night --what a phenomenal movie --I can't thank you enough for telling me about it. You're the best!!!!

Marcy October 8, 2013


My dear Dawn,
It is with the upmost gratitude that I write this. The reading I had with you on June20 was filled with much information. At the time you cautioned me to pay attention to my mom and fire.I figured she might be careless with the stove. Lo and behold her freezer had a problem and because of your input, my aunt (on the other side) and my trust in both I LISTENED to that inner voice and a tragic situation was stopped.You saw the picture of the melted freezer. That was only one of many occurrences that came from the Reading. My friend Maureen had been to you the same day and she too has realized the incredible gift you have. Linda also has experienced you and now so has Nancy. And there will be many more.(Just promise Mary,who brought me to you and me that when you get famous like John Edwards or Sylvia Brown you still have time for us!) Please also keep my nephew Christopher VanBurger in your thoughts for safe return from Iraq as I daily keep your fried Leon. Blessings my dear friend thank you for having the courage to be who you are,Angel

Janet October 8, 2013

Many Blessings in the Light

Hi Dawn,
My name is Susan. My dear friend Sandra and I were customers of yours yesterday at 11:00 and 11:45 am. I'm sure you see many people in a day and I don't expect you to remember them all. I just wanted to say how pleased we both were that God led us to you for our readings. You are a delight and we loved every minute being in your presence. We had a ball. I will be recommending you to everyone and we will certainly be back.

One thing I forgot to tell you was that there was a Mary that showed up in my reading who was my maternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth. I believe her husband, my grandfather, also showed up very proper like. What I completely forgot to tell you was that their last name was Cassidy. Funny huh?

Hope your day is a good one. I will be taking your advice on the new Moon and writing that check. Thanks again for sharing that with me.

Susan October 8, 2013

A friend you have not met yet

Dear Dawn,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for talking to Simba's Angels and helping him find his way back home to me.You were the ray of hope when i felt all was lost. The very night you emailed me and told me you would meditate he was at my door! truly amazing!! you sent me that email at 10:54pm, I read it around 11:30pm and Simba was at my door at 1:00am He had been gone for a whole week with no sign of him anywhere . I tried everything to find him and nothing. Just one simple email to you and he was home, you are truly wonderful.I plan on meeting you some day and i can thank you in person.

Johanna October 8, 2013


Dear Dawn,
On August 17, 2009 you did a reading for me over the phone. I received your tape of the recording and listened to it. Just this thursday I remembered some of the things you told me and I decided to listen to the tape again. This time I noticed a faint whisper in several areas of the tape so I decided to turn the volume up so I could here what the whisper was saying. It was unbelievable what I heard! I first heard the name Nancy, which happens to be my boyfriends mom who passed away. Shortly after I heard the whisper "Nancy" you said someone was trying to come thru and they had a message for me. During that time I thought it was my grandma but now I believe it was Nancy. Next you were telling me I needed to get a new lawyer and his first or last name started with an R. Right after you said that the whisper said" his name is Sam." Later on you were describing someone I new named Tina and you said her name. Then the whisper said" Tina." At one point during our conversation I was describing my dream about Tina and you told me it was a symbolic dream and that when Tina lied the way she had it was going to back fire then the whisper said" you're gonna see it." The last thing the whisper said was "Shelly." At the time we were talking about Shelly.
I was wondering what you think of this tape? I believe they are messages from spirit. I was also wondering if anyone has told you about something like this on their tapes that you have made for them? I really would like to know more information about this.
Please call me or email me with more info.

Mary October 8, 2013

Bliss to you

Hi Rev. Dawn,
I hope you remember me. I am the lady with the very sick sister that you made a pathway for her healing. She is still just wonderful and thank you again. The reason I am contacting you today is to give you your "due". Last time I was with you I brought my cousin. She did not feel like she got a good reading from you and you were most gracious in not charging her. Well, sometimes we just don't understand or can't absorb what you are telling us. She had questions about her parents coming to live with her. You asked if there was a cancer diagnosis with one of her parents. At that time, we did not know of any so your reading did not seem right. The very next day, while Jan (my cousin) was still visiting with me, she got a phone call that her father had been hospitalized and test results came back as throat and stomach cancer. They have given him 5 weeks to live. You were so right! So you were getting a reading from Jan. Most of what you told her did not make sense to her, but I believe it will in time, because I believe in you. You are so kind and gentle when you have to give us bad news and you are so careful not to overwhelm us with with negatives. I appreciate you so much. You have made a profound impact on my life and I tell everyone about my experiences with you (I've only had 2 sessions but you connect with me so well, it just blows me away). This is not meant to be a testimony. I just wanted to share with you that you really weren't that far off with my cousin's reading. I hope to see you soon.

Jodi October 8, 2013