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canada goose store Either they are true, in which case they need to be pursued, or they’re not in fact true. It’s a misunderstanding or an exaggeration, in which case the sooner people know that the better.”Shared goalForeign Secretary David Miliband said he was pleased Mr Mohamed had returned to the UK.He said: “We very much welcome President Obama’s commitment to close Guantanamo Bay and I see today’s return of Binyam Mohamed as the first step towards that shared goal.”A Foreign Office spokesman said the allegations that British officials were complicit in Mr Mohamed’s alleged torture were currently being examined by the Attorney General.Mr Mohamed was held in captivity for a total of seven years four of them in Guantanamo after being arrested in Pakistan in 2002. He had lived in the UK from the age of 15.The US had accused Mr Mohamed of involvement in a plot to detonate a “dirty bomb” in America, but the charges were dropped in October last year.The US Department of Justice said that his release was “consistent with the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States and canada goose xxl uk the interests of justice”.Earlier this year Mr Mohamed went on a month long hunger strike at Guantanamo and his legal team said he was “close to starvation”.But last weekend he was declared well enough to travel back to the UK by a team of British officials who had visited him canada goose store.