He bought me a beautiful dress that I wear all the time. I think I am very, very lucky to have such a great Daddy. He loves me so much and when he is at work I miss him very much. “We’ve been trying to take this seriously, because if there is a dangerous creature we want to help capture it,” spokesman Larry Ragonese said. “At this point, we’ve gone a couple weeks now with a growing story of an exotic creature roaming the lake, and there’s hundreds of eyes now trained on it. If there was to be something, you would think that that someone would have seen it.”.

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Political shape shifting season is a fine time to remind all of us that ideology isn’t necessarily a dirty word; sometimes it’s a synonym for useful conviction. Who among the Trumpfied GOP is holding the line against the president elect’s proposed excesses? Some of the most ideological: Rep. Justin Amash, R Mich., Sen.